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Beach and Seaside Silhouette Crafts

Friday, April 5, 2019

This week the children had a lot of fun making beach and seaside silhouette crafts. They cut out the shape of a crab, dolphin, shark, or beach umbrella and used a background of strips of coloured paper or coloured straws. They used glue or tape to stick the two sheets together and to stick the strips or straws to the paper. You can find some of them on display on the Year 3 board on the ground floor. Next week they will make similar crafts but this time using strips of wool!

Written by Mr. Johnny Byrne

Johnny Byrne – F0168E4B-6A44-43B7-AC55-7F57F83CB3B8
Johnny Byrne – EFE74C34-21CA-40F1-848A-D9C2D69DDB27
Johnny Byrne – ED57B671-A0F0-41BC-82B5-D16FA9584DEE
Johnny Byrne – EC886FD2-3140-4D39-9E0D-066FB7FB8F92
Johnny Byrne – E2729160-99D6-42A7-976B-540AB951438D
Johnny Byrne – E0AC1410-AE0C-48A7-9403-69417313B81D
Johnny Byrne – D858BB2F-5C16-4B0E-BE53-172F67964CF1
Johnny Byrne – D12E71A5-5AFF-4EE1-97D1-3CFFA9E8AB10
Johnny Byrne – B9993663-6DB6-4549-8D18-5E4FFC4BA3C6
Johnny Byrne – B4723424-9E71-49A8-9A08-6A8C790D4B87
Johnny Byrne – AF916CFA-22AB-4985-B00C-E2E6EC2184D3
Johnny Byrne – ABEF6B21-57C3-42B2-8623-BF9B95845BA8
Johnny Byrne – 673121CD-F757-4738-8599-8E12769355B0
Johnny Byrne – 403375D5-FEAE-4147-B3B1-CB8F2B7556B0
Johnny Byrne – 26976EF6-396F-4889-884B-FBD583CAB873
Johnny Byrne – 8199A37D-CAB3-4212-8AF0-BA9D167AD4B4
Johnny Byrne – 591AC7D4-D709-42F9-BE5D-4EF2F9DC6AC6
Johnny Byrne – 156F1B2A-4FF5-4F62-9F7D-CD75C749E4C1
Johnny Byrne – 6F8712E7-50A2-41DD-8DE8-885ABA5A78F5
Johnny Byrne – 3BE4DBA0-1FE1-4648-99BC-19322810833A
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