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Balance, Strength and Conditioning and Hand Eye Co-Ordination Skills

December 6, 2018

During the last week in Physical Education we have continued our hard work and dedication to keep improving.

Year 7-9 students had a lot of activities to improve foot-eye and hand-eye coordination skills. During football lessons with the Year 7 students lots of attention was on kicking the ball with the right technique, as well as learning when to use 1 touch or 2 touch. Year 8 students also participated in basketball drills such as all the different passes, shooting and agility movement.

Lower school also had a dodgeball competition to finish of some lessons and it’s always at ACEP a very popular sport that everyone seems to enjoy very much.

Upper school students had different strength and conditioning exercises for the boys, and the girls had aerobics and balance exercises that they had to complete. Some of the exercises the boys had to complete were shoulder presses, push-ups, spider crawl exercises to increase shoulder and chest strength. The balance exercises were to use different legs and balancing on a half-gym ball.

Overall our ACEP students have shown better fitness since the beginning of Term 2 and we look forward to working hard and improving!

Text by Mr Daniel Jacobs

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