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ACEP Teachers attend a STEM and ELL Teaching Strategies Seminar at Grand Centara Pavillion Hotel

November 19, 2019

Three teachers representatives from ACEP were sent to attend a teaching seminar on Saturday November 16th as part of ACEP’s commitment to the Professional Development of our teachers in our effort to bring the best teaching strategies and pedagogy to our school and to our students.

Mr. Nicholas Irvine (Year 4 Science), Mr. Matthew James Lee (Secondary Science), and Mr. Mark Huskins (Secondary Mathematics) attended the seminar, hosted by the HODDER Education group at the Grand Centara Pavillion Hotel in Bangkok. The topic of the seminar was on “Promoting Engagement in the STEM Classroom & Planning and Implementing Effective Teaching Strategies for English Language Learners,” facilitated by two excellent teacher trainers, Monica Menon and Michelle Robert.

In addition to all the information given about the principles and strategies for bringing STEM teaching into our schools, the seminar also facilitated collaboration and sharing of ideas between teachers from the many others school who attended the event. The STEM framework can both enhance cross-curricular lesson planning and it can help students to develop and apply 21st-century skills, which are identified as the most important skills to learn for success in todays global-market. ACEP strives to meet these demands and our attendance at this seminar is just one more way to achieve our goals.

Text by Mr. Nicholas Irvine

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