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ACEP Poetry Competition

February 12, 2020

With the 2019 academic year coming to an end, the final writing competition draws to a close as well. The much anticipated ‘ACEP Poetry Competition’ saw each year group in the primary school hold an open calling for poems. Students submitted their best work to be judged by their year group teachers. Limericks, Sonnets, Haikus and Acrostic poems where some of the examples of the diverse and varied poetry our students are creating.

Once the submissions were collected, each homeroom teacher picked the best from their class. The poems were judged based on creativity and imagination. The winning students were:

Year 1 – Nunnapatsorn from 1/2
Year 2 – Patapee from 2/4
Year 3 – Parich from 3/1
Year 4 – Nachapol from 4/3
Year 5 – Wittawin from 5/3
Year 6 – Punn from 6/5

A big congratulations to all the winners and a big round of applause to all the poetry writers!

Also, a big thank you to Mr. Paul and all the teachers who helped out with the competition.

Text by Mr. Alexander Brown

Alexander Brown – 20200207_080509
Alexander Brown – 20200207_080540
Alexander Brown – 20200207_080609
Alexander Brown – 20200207_080738
Alexander Brown – 20200207_080758
Alexander Brown – 20200207_080812
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Alexander Brown – 20200207_080925

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