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ACEP Photography Club Shares Photos from Mahachai Photo Walk

Last month, nine students from the ACEP Secondary Photography Club visited the Mahachai Market for a photo walk with their teachers.  They practiced their photographic skills with the many unique people and things to be seen in the market.  These students had a great time exploring the market and taking photos along with their teachers, Mr. Dax & Ms. Mary.  We hope to take another walk in Term 2 along with more club students who will be finished with military training at that time.  Today we would like to share 5 of the best selected images taken during the from different students!

The photos featured below were taken by:

Parinada Kanthamanon of Year 12/3

Nutcha Chantrasakaowong of Year 10/2

Natthanit Pattavattananon of Year 10/2

Suttida Ngamkanjanarat of Year 10/3

Krit Promrokul of Year 9/2

(Please click on the photos to see them in full resolution)

Krit Promrokul - DSC_9456 Natthanit Pattavattananon - Snapseed copy Nutcha  Chantrasakaowong - image1 copy Parinada Kanthamanon - DSC06880 copy Suttida Ngamkanjanarat - Facetune copy



Here are the students on the walk (also published in June)