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ACEP Activity Week

Tuesday 5th April, 2016

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During the final week of Summer School (April 18th – 21st) primary students will participate in a variety of fun activities. These activities range from sporting competitions to academic challenges and will culminate with a talent show on the final day. Parents are welcome and encouraged to come and watch these special events. All the events are scheduled in the afternoons beginning at 12:20 daily. Normal classes will continue to take place in the mornings. Here are the current schedules.

Football Schedule:

Students will be divided into coloured teams. These teams will contain students from each year level. Each team will participate in events to earn points which will be tallied and displayed in the Ave Maria. We will have 3 divisions Year 1 and KG, Years 2-6, and Secondary. Below are the team lists. (For Spelling Bee lists, please click here)

Primary Teams:

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