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The school is situated close to Henley Beach, the airport and the CBD in Adelaide, South Australia and provides a comprehensive curriculum that meets the individual learning needs of the diverse range of students from our local and wider Western Adelaide community. At University Senior College (USC) we are committed to preparing students to bridge the transition between secondary and tertiary study.
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Marryatville High School is an innovative and exciting school offering a diverse curriculum in a learning environment that promotes academic excellence and supports all students in reaching their potential. The wide range of specialist programs including a Music Program, an International Program, a Special Interest Tennis Program and an extensive Co-curricular Program makes Marryatville High School a dynamic educational environment which helps to develop well-rounded and engaged students. Marryatville High School is accredited by the Council of International Schools. About the ASMS at the Australian Science and Mathematics School (ASMS) we embrace the diversity of learning, encourage self directed learning and place great importance on collaborative learning. Our students shape their learning to best suit their own learning goals and learning styles. At the ASMS we apply science and maths classroom topics to real life situations. We give students the opportunity and tools to search, discover and understand.
Aberfoyle Park High School has a long and proud tradition of academic success and provides a range of subject and extra curricula offerings to engage all students within a culture which embraces and encourages excellence. We support all students to achieve their personal best in a safe, positive and caring environment and foster innovation and creativity in our student programs.
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