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Director of Studies


Name: Christopher Warren

Nationality: British

Birthplace: London, England

• MA English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics – King’s College London

• BA Film and Television Studies – Brunel University Middlesex

• CELTA – Oxford House College London

Teaching Interests: I believe that when students are engaged and motivated in their lessons, they will achieve their aims. It is therefore the responsibility of the teacher to create an environment where the students want to come to class and where they are encouraged to be curious and inquisitive. I believe this will naturally lead to a passion for learning, which will last a lifetime.


Name: Ms. Ratha Supatphol

Nationality: Thai

• Business Administration – Bangkok University

Duties: Coordinator to assist in communication between Bell, parents
and Assumption School.

Primary Teacher


Name: Ms. Lilian Reid

Nationality: Canadian

Birthplace: Hong Kong, HKSAR

• B.A. Pacific and Asian Studies, Greek and Roman studies – University of Victoria, Canada

• 120 hour TEFL Certificate

Teaching Interests: I strive to provide engaging, varied lessons that allow students to learn in an environment that caters to their educational needs. I believe it is important to listen to and respect the interests and opinions of the students, to create a classroom space that supports self expression and independent learning.

Primary Teacher

Mr. Alex Warren

Name: Mr. Alex Warren

Nationality: British

Birthplace: Essex, England

• BA. English Language – University of Essex

• CELTA – ILS English

Teaching Interests: I believe learning is best facilitated by creating an environment in which students are encouraged to us language to express their own thoughts without feeling judged negatively.

Primary Teacher


Name: Mr. Matt Jones

Nationality: British

Birthplace: Bridgend, UK



• BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Sciences,
University of Chester

• IB Diploma, UWC-USA


Teaching Interests: I am a strong advocate for project-based learning. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing students fully engaged as they prepare for a special event. It could be a presentation, a performance, a publication, a competition or even a student-led class! Such challenges harness motivation and focus while giving students frequent opportunities to do their best work, share it with others and take pride in their accomplishments.

Primary Teacher

Mr.Johnathon Andrew Goss

Name: Mr. Johnathon Goss

Nationality: British

Birthplace: Leicester, England


• BSc Mathematics – University of East Anglia

• CELTA – South Leicestershire College, England

Teaching Interests: I believe that students learn well in a fun and friendly environment. I strive to generate positive rapport with the students so they are comfortable with expressing and exploring new ideas.

Secondary Teacher

Mr. Douglas Mulvaney

Name: Mr. Douglas Mulvaney

Nationality: USA

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

• MA (Applied Linguistics and TESOL) – University of Leicester

• BA (Anthropology) – University of Houston

• PGcert in Professional Studies in Education – Open University UK

• TEFL Certificate – TEFL International

Teaching Interests: I strive to create engaging and meaningful lessons for my students as I believe that self-interest and motivation are critical to language learning success. With this in mind, I find task-based and project-based approaches to be especially effective. I also encourage self-directed learning—to prepare students to be life – long learners.

Secondary Teacher

Mr. Anselm Andrew Dorman

Name: Mr. Anselm Andrew Dorman

Nationality: British

Birthplace: Worcester, UK


• BA Hons Community Studies, Bradford University

• Certificate TESOL, Brighton University

• Diploma TESOL, Oxford House, Barcelona

• Diploma English Language Teacher Management, English UK London

Teaching Interests: I believe it is important that students get a holistic education. It is important to me that every student in a class is given a fair chance to show their potential, and it is my job to facilitate this.