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The Bell team would like to welcome you to the Bell English Centre’s page. We are all looking forward to working students, parents and teachers during the 2015 Academic Year.

The Bell Centre is proud to have been a part of ACEP since the school opened in 2012. In addition to providing language support for all ACEP students in their regular weekly timetable, services which Bell offers include after-school classes, parents’ classes, study trips and assisting students to prepare for their internationally accredited Cambridge Exams.

The core objectives of Bell’s language support classes for primary and secondary students are:

1) To make the students better communicators

2) To show students that language learning is achievable for all and can be fun

3) To prepare students for the Cambridge Exams and other academic exams

4) To prepare students for study, work or life in an English speaking environment

5) To help students understand the language used in their main classes

If you would like more information about Bell or any of our projects, please feel free to visit us, call or email (assumptionbellramatwo@gmail.com) us at any time. The Bell Office is located on the ground floor of the Regina Coeli Building. You may also like to follow us on facebook (www.facebook.com/assumptionbell.ramatwo).

Bell Classes for Primary Students

Bell classes for primary students follow the Kids Box series books and our teachers adapt these for the specific needs and ability of individual ACEP students. Based on the pleasing development of the students’ language ability, this method is considered to be working very well.

Cambridge Exams

The next set of Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers exams will take place in January 2016.  The exams will be offered to students in the following Year Levels:

- Starters:         Year 2

- Movers:          Year 4

- Flyers:            Year 5

If students in another Year Level missed their exam in 2015, their parents may apply to register them child for an exam in 2016.

Bell Classes for Secondary Students

Working with the English Program

In the 2015 Academic Year there is greater collaboration between the Bell Centre and the teachers of the ACEP’s secondary English department. The Bell teachers meet regularly with the English teachers to ensure that we are focusing on areas that are most beneficial to the English as a Second Language (ESL) learners. Our teachers are also focusing more on IELTS training for the Year 10, 11 and 12 students and the Bell staff who teach these Year Levels have extensive IELTS training to support the students and the English department teachers.

Cambridge Exams

The KET and PET exams will take place around January 2016. Students in Year 7 and Year 8 will be able to take the KET and Year 9 and Year 10 students will be able to take the PET.

Assessment and Reports

In the 2015 Academic Year, part of secondary students’ English assessment will be provided by Bell teachers.

For students in Years 7-9, 10 % of English Foundation and 10% of English Supplemental scores has been allocated to Bell. In Years 10-12, we will also have 10% of the English for Academic Achievement and 10% of the English Reading and Writing score. This is encouraging the students to focus more on their class work and to push themselves that little bit harder during their Bell classes.

Bell assessment scores are taken from the grade for activities and projects completed in class. As the focus of Bell classes is to improve the communicative ability of students, these projects and tasks are designed by teachers so that they allow students to use the language creatively with topics that are engaging and sufficiently challenging.

The Bell Centre will offer Parents’ Classes during the 2015 Academic Year. Details will be announced on the ACEP website and the Bell ACEP Facebook page.




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