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By learning numerous subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Health and Computers with qualified native English Speaking teachers, ACEP students attain the ability to understand and use English naturally.

The ACEP Curriculum is based on the Thai Ministry of Education Curriculum. By the end of each level (Years 1-3, Years 4-6, Years 7-9 and Years 10-12) ACEP students will have learned exactly the same content as students studying in classrooms of regular Thai schools.

The ACEP Curriculum for subjects like Mathematics, Science, Health, PE and Computers are based on direct English translations of the Thai Ministry of Education Primary School Curriculum for these subjects. They have been developed by curriculum specialists to better enable teachers from western countries to teach Thai students effectively.

The ACEP English Curriculum has been written by Assumption College staff specifically for ACEP students. The Curriculum is based on the Singapore English Curriculum, with influences from other western countries. ACEP’s English Curriculum extends our students who become highly capable users of English as they progress through the Years.


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