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Academic Improvement Initiatives: Head of Foreign Affairs and Academic Staff Meet With a Curriculum Expert

Friday, May 18, 2018

At Assumption College English Program we are continuously working to improve our curriculum and academic programs so they better meet our students’ needs, and prepare them for future university studies and careers. Today, Mr. Marcin Kempka, Head of Foreign Affairs together with Ms. Yupawadee Ruchadannatikul and Ms. Wasana Saensanguan from the Academic Department, met with Ms. Somluk Rangsimongkol, a curriculum expert, to discuss ACEP’s curriculum. The group discussed our current curriculum and possible changes to it, to further improve our already outstanding program.

Next week, Ms. Somluk will meet with Heads of Content for Mathematics, Science and Computing to discuss curricula for each of those subjects.

This Academic Year, in addition to improving our curricula, we are also introducing Oxford International GCSE Examinations. The first cohort of ACEP students is expected to take the exams in November 2018.

The continuous improvement that we are committed to, means that we always offer our students the best education that is in line with current research, and meets the highest international standards.

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