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To create world-class members of society:  Students are encouraged to reach their highest academic, moral and social potential in a multicultural environment that is accepting of all cultures. They should live as responsible members of their community where consideration of others is the most important value


  • Students have the ability to communicate, think critically and learn independently.
  • Students have the confidence and skills to work towards their own career paths.
  • Students engage in sports, arts and music which develop leadership qualities and respect for others.
  • The curriculum is integrated effectively and teachers utilise methods of authentic assessment which allow individual students to demonstrate their development.
  • Teachers are experts in their profession, communicate confidently in English, use technology in their teaching and are proud of their culture.
  • The school is a safe, environmentally aware setting.
  • The school’s management systems meet world class standards.


  • The purpose of life is to know the Truth, understand and live by it. This is the source of a peaceful and fruitful life.
  • ‘Labor Omnia Vincit’ (“Perseverance and hard work bring success.“)
  • Social Responsibility.


Assumption College English Program is a World Class Standard School which offers a comprehensive education to its students. Foreign languages, technology and the Arts are greatly valued and integrated with academic subjects.

School Motto

 “Labor Omnia Vincit” 

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