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Thank you for visiting the webpage of Assumption College English Program (ACEP).

When our school officially opened in May 2012 we educated just 252 students. Since then, ACEP has grown and developed with our students, for our students and when we opened for our fifth academic year in May 2016, our student population had grown to over 900. This remarkable growth clearly suggests that ACEP is on course for achieving its aim of becoming the best school of its type in Thailand.

While there are many factors to consider, I believe that the success of ACEP in its infant years can be largely attributed to:

- our school’s design and spacious setting

- the opportunities our campus provides for students to enjoy learning

- the extraordinary support and cooperation of parents

- the commitment of our administration and teaching team.

The quality education that ACEP provides for students is not bound to our very well-equipped classrooms. We believe that students learn best, and are able to live happy and meaningful lives, when they are provided with a variety of carefully planned experiences which enable them to utilise and truly understand new knowledge. It is very common for example, to see our students learning outside in one of ACEP’s open, natural areas.

A strong sense of loyalty and cooperation from ACEP parents exists at our school. I thank them for their support of teachers with educational, extracurricular and welfare matters, which is of infinite benefit to our students.

As we travel together through the 2016 Academic Year, I sincerely hope that each and every student enjoys their educational experience with ACEP.

May God and our Lady of Assumption bless you.

Bro. Pisutr Vapiso, Ph.D.

May, 2016



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