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ACEP Secondary Teachers attend STEM Seminar in Bangkok

September 21, 2018

Three of our ACEP Secondary teachers attended a Professional Development Seminar on Friday, September 21 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bangkok.  The seminar, held by McGraw Hill Education, was an excellent opportunity for our two Secondary Computer teachers, Mr. Dax Ward and Mr. Andrei Androsoff, as well as one of our Secondary Maths teachers, Mr. Mark Huskins, to learn ways to implement STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) project-based activities and lessons into their subjects.  The seminar, titled ‘Preparing our Students for their Future with STEM based Instruction’, was led by by Dr. Jo Anne Vasquez and D.J. West, two recognised leaders in Science and STEM education who are based in the United States.  The seminar focused on STEM Lesson Essentials & moving beyond the rhetoric and providing knowledge, tools, models, and examples that make STEM a reality of teaching and learning in classrooms.  The attending teachers participated in group activities and interactive lectures which provided them with some excellent knowledge, tips, and resources for implementing problem solving and critical thinking-based projects in their courses.

ACEP values ongoing professional development training for our teachers as we believe it to be essential to keeping our courses of study not only up to date, but ahead of other programs.  Our STEM program at ACEP is still developing and improving, and we are always looking for ways to make it more contemporary and relevant for our students.



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