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Year 8 Students Awarded for Winning Video Editing Contest

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Twelve students were awarded certificates and prizes for winning the Year 8 Commercial Video Editing Contest on Wednesday, September 27, 2017. Their videos were voted to be the best out of all of Year 8 at Assumption College English Program after they were voted on by Secondary teachers. All students learning in Mr. Dax Ward’s Year 8 Data Communications & Networks course completed a multimedia design project during August and September. They worked in groups of 3-4 students in collaboration to complete a multimedia editing project while following project specifications. The groups had to come up with a company name and product to be sold, as well as design a logo, and write a full commercial script to follow while shooting their videos. They then used various software applications in different OS platforms in order to combine the videos, still photos, music, transitions, animations, and other facets of multimedia design. The students really enjoyed the project as they learned out to collaborate, organise, and manage a group project centred around I.T. and, especially, cloud computing.

There were a lot of really well-made videos that featured creativity, originality, and a great sense of humor. The choice was tough, but the teachers chose the three best videos as winners. The videos can be seen below.

1st-3rd place teams were all awarded certificates by Mr. Marcin Kempka, Head of Foreign Affairs, and their teacher, Mr. Dax. The 1st place team also received a smartphone tripod as a bonus prize.  We are very proud of all of the Year 8 students’ efforts in their technology studies and look forward to seeing more of their tech-savvy work in the future!


The list of winners & their winning videos:

1st Place – ‘Shake .I.T. Off’ – from Year 8/3 (Virtual Reality Headsets)

Phromminthe Sasamakulwong

Ajchara Wongjaroenwanich

Buthsatree Hemhongsa

Natanicha Praditpusasin

2nd Place – ‘Elppa’ – from Year 8/2 (Bluetooth earphones)

Pheeraphan Suwannajit

Noparut Suksuratchai

Thansarut Aran

Promsan Panasakulkan

3rd Place – ‘Omnia Co.’ – from Year 8/1 (gaming computers)

Teerathat Udomjitwiwat

Chalatsorn Tantiyamas

Kajpol Ananyapa

Phiraphat Nuchyabut


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