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2019 Academic Day - Long Drop Challenge

November 28, 2019 The STEM Education teachers of ACEP Secondary were delighted to host a competition as part of 2019 ACEP ...

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Year 4 Science - Building Model Electric Circuits

November 15, 2019 In Year 4 Science at ACEP, students finished their unit on Electricity. The final project of this unit ...

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Students Investigate Positive Role Technology Plays in Society

October 30, 2019 This week at Assumption College English Program, year 12 students presented their research proposals for an investigation into ...

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Upper Primary Drama Club performs Peddler Polly and the Story Stealer

September 29, 2109 On the last day for term 1 clubs, the Drama club finally took to stage to perform their ...

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Secondary Health and PE

September 16, 2019 Since the completion of ACEP Games the PE and Health department have been working extremely hard towards the ...

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